I watched some amazing movies last week

Hollaaa!! Happy new week to y’all.

Last week went pretty well for me because I watched some really amazing movies and I’m here to give you the details about them.

  • Bird box

So yeah this movie was released last December and since then it has been trending on social media and buzzing around. I only watched the trailer until last week when I watched the movie itself. The movie is very interesting and exceptional. It’s a Netflix original movie

  • Crazy Rich Asians

This is the best I watched last week. After wanting to see this movie so badly, I finally watched it happily. This movie is breathtaking. It shows the behaviour of the rich people of Asia, their culture and norms. Its also exceptional.

And that was how I dreamt after watching the movie that the male lead character Nick Young (his name in the movie) proposed to me and it felt so real. Lol how funny…

  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

This is one exhilarating movie you should definitely watch. It’s magical and interesting. It’s about a young boy who mistakenly entered a sorcerer’s workshop looking for his paper that flew inside. The sorcerer told him few things and gave him a ring to keep. Unknowingly to the young boy, he didn’t keen much about it.Years later history repeats itself and the sorcerer is back to make him his apprentice. What will the helpless highschool boy who is more interested in physics and not magic do?

  • Peter Rabbit

This is an animation about a rabbit named Peter, and his family trying to survive and take back their already stolen garden from a man. The drama between the animals and humans around unfolds. It’s a really funny one.

  • Up and Away

Another interesting animation that I watched. It’s about a young boy who lives in a small village with his mom, dad and goat. He dreamt about the city and the outside world. Ever since then his aim was to leave his village to see the outside world. He was later given the opportunity to go round the world on a flying carpet but with a condition.

  • Lionheart

This is also a Nigerian movie recently produced by Genevieve Nnaji and it’s a Netflix original movie. It’s a wonderful movie y’all need to watch. Trust me it’s interesting. It’s about a young lady who tried very hard to keep her father’s company without it diminishing in a male dominated business.

And it’s a wrap for today’s post.

Have you watched any of the movie above? Or you have a movie you would like to recommend… Comment below and I will gladly reply!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Stay positive and happy❀


Quote of the day: Everyone has a story to tell, make yours a success story full of insight and reasoning

DamieΒ© 2019


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