Let’s create some magic!

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Hey beautiful… I’m back like I never left. It’s time to create some magic. I’m currently focusing more on my personal brand. I’ve been trying to get started with some ideas and strategies but this things need more than just been focused. It requires determination, time and consistency.

So it’s time to create some magic. The Girlboss Lifestyle is more than just a brand. It speaks about a personality and her everyday life on becoming the Girlboss she wants to be. She hopes to reach out to people through her daily living. She has a voice that needs to be heard. She has been long reserved and now is the time for her to show forth her creativity. She is The Girlboss Lifestyle (TGL).

Just in case you are new here… Hey dear, I’m Damie, the creator of The Girlboss Lifestyle. Welcome to my little space on the internet where I showcase my lifestyle, interests, daily living, creativity and everything in between. I’m on becoming the Girlboss I’ve always dreamed of and it will be cool if you sojourn on this journey with me. Sounds fun right? Yes it is… A little rant about me would be nice too… So…

I’m this slim tall and reserved teenager who loves everything lifestyle. I’m a girl of few words so I am quiet most times. I am in between an introvert and an extrovert. I tend to be more introverted generally but I’m the opposite when i am around my close FAM… I feel life just revolves. Sometimes shitty things happen then later everything becomes alright. I’m just a random girl trying to make everything work out fine in reality by taking life one day at a time.

I am me

I am Damie

I am strong

I am fierce

I am young

I am ambitious

I am different

I am dreamy

I am emotional

I am reserved

I am more than I think I am

For some it’s hard to believe if I am all I stated above… You probably don’t understand. I’m one spectacular girl. You need to vibe and ride along with me then you get to know who Damie is.

Let’s create some magic!!!

Hey you, it’s Damie. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this. Comments are very much welcomed.


Damie, The Girlboss Lifestyle.

Instagram @damie.xx

Twitter @damie_TGL


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