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Monday Motivation|| Make each day count

Happy new week my lovelies! It’s a brand new day and a brand new week. January seems to be fast paced…I mean its 7th already. I thought we just shouted Happy new year yesterday. Lol…

Anyways it’s the first Monday in this year and it is definitely going to be busy day. Most students are resuming today (or starting classes) like me and also most workers are starting work officially today.

I can only imagine how Lagos traffic is gonna be like now. Before I rush to class and get my ass working, I just came by to give a little pep talk kinda motivation… That sounds right, right?

As you start your week today make every moment count. Make each day count. Don’t sleep on anything and don’t slack either. So many troubles and stress that comes with each day might come your way. It might leave you feeling perplexed and down but try to overcome it. Do something that will make that day count. Do something that will make you smile and be happy at the end of your stressed day.

I’ve been there and we’ve all been there. It happens to us most times. We’re humans and its inevitable but one thing is sure, your desire and willingness to make that day end well despite whatever you went through will keep your mind settled.

So my dear reader, I mean you…yes you reading this… Make today count for good. Like girlll, dude it’s the first working day in the year. You have goals for the year right so work towards it today if you haven’t. Just make sure at the end of today you smile through everything that happened.

So today I plan to do something to make my day count which is studying smart and starting the day feeling refreshed by all means.

It’s Monday guys!!! Let’s make today count!

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