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Blogmas #3 My go to everyday essentials

Hello guys!!! Welcome to #Blogmas Day three. It’s Monday today and a new week. I hope we all have a blessed week. Today’s post is on my go to everyday essentials. These are things I use almost everyday.

  1. Face wipes: I use this almost every time to wipe my face when I feel it’s getting oily or tacky. It helps to keep my face moisturized and clean.
  2. Edge control: Like this is the No 1. thing I use everyday. I’m used to laying my edges to the extent that I feel uncomfortable when I go out and don’t lay my edges. This is an important routine for me daily mostly when I’m going out. But on days when I’m going to stay indoor, I leave my edges like that.
  3. White Powder: This may seem unusual to you but this is something I use everyday. I love rubbing white powder on my face on days I don’t wear makeup and when I wear makeup. It keeps my face smooth and helps to prevent the face from being oily after some time. It also acts as a base for my makeup. I can’t even remember the last time I used a primer. It gives excellent result and keeps the makeup matte.
  4. Accessories: Okay so this is another thing I love to use each day. I love accessories a lot ranging from necklace/chain, rings, earrings, wristwatches, bracelet etc. I always wear an accessory even if it’s just a bracelet.

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