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Blogmas #2 My spirituality and lifestyle as a Christian

Good day wonderful people!!❤❤ It’s #Blogmas Day Two and I’m here with another post. Note that not all my posts for #Blogmas will be related to Christmas. It will get related to Christmas as soon as we start to approach the day.

Today is Sunday so I thought of posting something relating to Faith/ Christianity will say that my spiritual life so far has changed, not at the level I want to attain but far better than how it was a year ago. When I look back at times and reflect on the numerous things I do before and the things I do now I just think about how God’s grace has been sufficient for me. Due to salvation and knowing who truly the Lord is my life changed for good.

There are times when we think we are born again in Christ and on the right path but then later realize that there is more to just being born again. It got to some stage in my life where I began to feel God’s love and presence that keeps me in awe. The day I finally got to know more about spirituality and the teachings of the Lord that was when my inner self became conscious of my lifestyle as a Christian.

Living the right way as a Christian is not easy peasy but it gets better when you begin to know who God truly is. I don’t know it all myself but I know that with God’s grace I will overcome daily. We all need to get to a stage with God where we can converse and put our trust in Him. There is no one better than Him. He alone rules the universe. During my journey of finding solace in God’s presence and trying to live right I found out that the best way I feel His presence more is through worship. This has been one thing that keeps helping me. When I feel like all hope is lost I listen to songs that will uplift my spirit.

So far so good I’m taking steps daily in order to live right as a Christian. It’s not an easy task because sin comes our way almost every time but with the consciousness of the Holy spirit and God’s abundant grace we can overcome it💪. We can improve our spiritual life by listening to God’s teachings regularly, reading the word of God, keeping good company, praying, worshipping and giving praises to God with our whole heart.

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