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Chit chat#2 ||Feeling comfortable in your own skin

These days a lot of people feel insecure about themselves. They let their physical features and appearance define who they really are. There is something called confidence. Being confident about the way you feel, dress or look goes a long way in keeping you sane.

As a person, most times I feel insecure about myself. This is as a result of me being skinny. As a young girl who is slim, I’m always bothered about how skinny I look. After torturing myself with thoughts about my body and all, I later realized that the way I look shouldn’t make me feel less of myself. Rather I should be comfortable in my own skin. It’s funny how some of my friends and family complement my stature, height and looks. I find it weird most times when my mum tells me that I’m okay with my skinny self and later on I will still add up. And it can also be annoying when other people tease me about my stature. They are always like “instead of you to eat good food you won’t eat” like are you always with me when I eatπŸ’. I bet you, I eat more reasonable and good food than you do…πŸ˜• or “all the food you’re eating is going to your height and not your body” like seriously… Thank you very much… It’s my height not yours. Another person will now come and tell me “se Γ² nkin jeun ni?” (don’t you eat food?) LolπŸ˜„ In my mind I’m like “Is it until I eat manure you guys will stop talking about this food issue”. Because really I don’t seem understand everyone again.

Anyways from all what I just ranted about, what I realized is that no matter how you look or the complexion of your skin just learn to be comfortable with it. Feeling good about yourself helps to build your confidence and self esteem. There is something different about yourself when you decide to put aside all those imperfections in you. I don’t know what flaws or imperfections are daunting you, I just want to tell you something; glow through it, arise with it, rock it… Trust me you’ll feel better about yourself.

You might also be slim like me or even plus size, you might be dark skinned or light skinned, you might have scars on your face that are making you feel insecure… Whatever it may be learn to feel comfortable with it. Have you ever thought of going out with your scars without having the need to use makeup on it? You should definitely try it. I remember when I had an acne breakout, my face was so rough and red. I felt so sad about it because it was getting worse and not better. I still survived through it. And guess what now? I can’t even remember the last time I had a pimple or breakout because my face is much better than it used to be.

Feel good about yourself and everything else will be fine. Women like Shalom Blac and Kechi are both burn survivors. Their situation might have made them feel less of themselves but now they are comfortable with it and even successful more than they imagined. So whatever it is that is making you feel uncomfortable, get rid of it and become glad about it.

This is all for today… I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it? Leave your comments down below and I will definitely reply them.

There is someone out there that probably needs this. Please share with others. ❀❀

Is there anything that has made you feel insecure about your looks or features? Comment down belowπŸ‘‡ Let’s chat about it…

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