Life lately||What I’ve been up to…

Welcome back to the Girl boss lifestyle!! How are y’all doing? I know you’re doing great. Life has been good to me throughout the past weeks and I must say that I’m grateful for life. But I have been MIA on the blog for some while now and a bit on social media too. I got tired of posting on Instagram often. And I procrastinated a lot about posting on the blog too.

I just want to rant about everything now. So lately I’ve been taking some fashion designing lessons and that has helped me a lot. At least I know some basics when it comes to designing fabrics. That has been taking my time, hence I couldn’t post on the blog.

I’m also trying to incorporate some posts into my blog that will be different from the usual *I hope you guys are not bored of me*. Bloggers like Zaynaro, Maryam Salam (the blogger point), Everything Na Art #ENAtribe helped me a lot to get back on track. From their Instagram feeds to their stories and emails, everything helped me.

The blogger point also sent three months free content calendar for Oct, Nov and Dec. I must say the calendar is well scheduled and flexible to fit into any busy schedule. That is also helping me to stay on track too. She also posted 31 blog post ideas for October. My fellow bloggers should check that out here.

Zaynaro‘s post has been inspiring and her feed is amazing. I love her sense of style and taste for good items. And her flatlay game is a 10/10. She recently did an Aliexpress haul which is so helpful. Click here

Everything Na Art has been dropping some massive tips for us all on her Instagram stories. It’s been really helpful. Unfortunately I couldn’t join her recent WhatsApp group where she has been dropping really amazing tips for content creators cause I was too late. You can follow her on Instagram here for awesome tips.

Lately I’ve been working on Canva to do some graphic designs for my blog and feed. I am also working on starting an email list but still trying to get the hang of it. Steadily it will work out fine.

I’m going back to school soon. I am trying to prepare for resumption and also get my things ready.

I will need your help in other for me to know what type of content you want to see on my blog. Comment below what you will like me to post. Anything you comment might be posted, you never can tell. I need more feedbacks from you all. Thanks for your understanding. It’s going to be better.

Productivity is one hell of a thing that’s been troubling me. I don’t think i am productive enough for now. I took up the idea of bullet journaling and planning…I don’t even know what to say about that one. I just think I need to give my self rest when it comes to thinking and figuring some things out. Girls brain is filled with so many things right now. Let me just stop here before I digress into something else.

PS: The bubu (gown) I’m wearing in this picture is one of my mum’s scarf. I called one of these aboki tailors that usually pass around to sew it for me. I just folded the scarf into two while the tailor cut out the neck and he sew the sides. Guess how much….? #50

Lol…I know right. I just wanted to have it fast. I could have done it myself but I’m not skilled in sowing with machine yet.

So that’s all I have to rant about. What are your thoughts? Like I said earlier I need feedbacks from you. Make sure you comment below.

Till my next post… Don’t worry it won’t be long. You will see here me on Monday. I love y’all.


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