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Damie Writes #1

Hey guys!! I’m back with a new post in the category Damie writes. If you don’t know yet, I’m a writer/content creator. I write stories on Wattpad and i scribble down things like articles, poems and all.

I was inspired to write this piece by the way people live their lives these days. We all strive to achieve our goals and make ourselves better but it’s not everything that works out fine. Trying to figure out our lives and trying to bring out the best in ourselves is a great deal.

Read and let me know your thoughtsπŸ‘‡

On my bed I sat wondering how my life will be in few months to come

Will I still struggle day by day to be productive?

Will I be able to really discover myself?

Will I be able to live by my own principles?

I pondered and wondered if my life will ever be better.

Years have gone by, learning so many life lessons but I find myself still blank in the head. Not knowing how to put those lessons and principles to use.

I find myself telling other people to reflect more on themselves yet I’m no where to be found when it comes to my self reflection.

I try to become better day by day, striving so hard and pushing myself to do the right thing.

Some days I have little wins and some days I feel worse.

I find myself scrolling through and reading other people’s story. I learn from them and I get inspired.

I find myself writing down steps to take on how I can become better. My whole day gets planned in no time. Everything feels so right and good, I’m ready to start the day.

I find myself slowly giving in to my carnal reasons

I find myself distracted and perplexed on issues that aren’t necessary

I find myself changing to a whole new direction, finding joy in the silly excuses I make

At the end of the day, I find myself wanting with questions going through my mind

I thought I perfectly planned my day, I thought I got everything right, I thought my journey to becoming a better person had begun. What went wrong?

I scanned throughout the walls of my room there was no one to answer.


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