Hello September|| My life in August

Hello people! Happy new month to you all. I hope everyone is as excited as I am because the “ember” months are here. Four months to go and 2018 will be over. Have you achieved those goals yet? Have you being productive in the last few months? If yes, keep up the with it. If no, don’t relent keep trying, we are in this race together. You can still achieve and smash those goals before the year runs out.

So I am going to take you through my life happenings in the month of August. August started well and ended well too.

Personal life: Life has been quite well for me. Trying to figure out this thing called life is a real waste of time. I’ve learnt to just be in the moment and take ife one day at a time. I got so caught up and distracted by other things. It made me disorganized and clustered. But as the day goes I’m learning to be a better version of myself. These days I love my personal space and comfort more than anything. I’ve also been reflecting more on myself and guess what? I feel much better about myself. I’m less worried about situations rather I just take everything into God’s hands. I also filtered my life and cleared my mind on somethings too. I discovered that in life people go and come. We shouldn’t let people get to us or take the very best out of ourselves. Being the very best of myself and caring less about unimportant people and things is also something I am starting with this month.
Habits/routines: I’m beginning to implement new routines and habits in my daily life. I try to wake up same time each day and it is working out fine. I also try to workout every morning and that has been yielding results too. I drafted a morning routine also, I must say having a morning routine and sticking to it is a really great way to start off your day.

Journaling: I started journaling too. It’s a good way to brainstorm, write new ideas and just pour out your thoughts. Practicing journaling so far has helped me to be organized and productive. I literally carry my journal with me everywhere I go so that I can easily scribble down any thought or idea that pops in my head.

Things I am working on: I started working on my writing skills. I have always loved writing from articles to stories, poems etc but I wasn’t putting much attention towards it. So I decided to start a freelance work through writing. I found out that writers are needed on a daily basis for blog post writing, article writing, web content, stories and all. Starting out as a freelance writer wil help me engage more in writing. I’m looking forward to working with brands and businesses, web owners, magazines etc and any other individual looking for a writer. Follow my page on instagram where I share some of my works @writingsbydamie. You can send a direct message to the account for more enquiries. I write wattpad stories too. The second thing I started working on is Fashion designing. Like for real I am now learning this skill. I love fashion and everything it entails. I also have some design ideas but I am not really good at sketching yet. So learning fashion designing is a great start for me.

Blogging: Blogging has been so good throughout the month. Sticking to my schedule and also being consistent is a great leap for me. The views, the follows, likes and comments are also improving. Nothing but great contents are coming your way this month. And don’t forget new posts every Mondays, wednesday and Fridays.

Plans for the month of september: I plan to write more this month. I also want to start writing a new story on wattpad. I will also be writing what I’m grateful each day in my journal. My other plans for this month is to be more organized and productive.

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That’s it for this post. I wish you all a happy and prosperous month. What do you think about this post? What are your plans for this month? I’d love to know your feedback.

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Email: yvonneoderinde@gmail.com

Love and kisses to y’all


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