Birthday|| How I celebrated my birthday

Yasss!!! Happy birthday to me… Yeah it’s my birthday and I clocked 17 today. I’m so grateful for many things today. Most importantly the gift of life and God’s grace to see today. I am not the best when it comes to serving God, I don’t say my prayers everyday, I’m so many flaws but yet God has shown me so much mercies more than I deserve. He never lets me down on special days like cause He is always there to make everything work in my favour.

I really had a swell time today. Like if you asked me a week ago how I will celebrate my birthday, my answer will be “I don’t even know yet”. I didn’t plan much for this day. I just wanted to stay happy, be lowkey and make this day count. But lo and behold I was informed that I will go out today. My fam decided to take me out suprisingly. It was meant to be a suprise but they can’t just keep it away from me cause I will just sneak up to them. That was how I prepared for today.

I wore a sequence dress top that was gifted to me by my aunt with leggings. I paired it with my sneakers. I am a fan of backpacks so I wore a black backpack with gold studs on it. As seen in the picture above.

I also wore the necklace and pearl earrings I featured on my mini haul here.

I did a my makeup myself and here is a selfie of my baked face. This picture was so unplanned.

We went to Ikeja City mall. I have gone there few times before and it’s always a nice place to go to over and over again. While on our way I took selfies…it’s a neccesity.

We finally arrived at the mall and we decided to shop for some things at shoprite before settling down to eat

I bought some things for myself and some groceries

After the whole shopping we went to get Cold stone Ice cream for ourselves. I chose different flavours and toppings. It was so good.

We ate at Mozayas, an inn in the mall. The food was tasty and their customers service is just the best.

The food was tasty and good.

Lol…the aftermath

How much more will I desribe my day. I am so grateful and thankful. I enjoyed every bit of today from shopping to eating and having fun with people I love. The refrigerator is literally filled with lots of things from today. I have so many plans for my 17th year and I can’t wait to blog about it. I was so tired today that I wasn’t sure if I will still be able to post but here I am posting cause I have to stick to the schedule.

Cheers to a great year!!!

Thanks to y’all that made my day

Till my next post..


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