Birthday Wishlist

Hello my people!! How is everyone doing? If you don’t know my birthday is in few days time. I’m kinda excited eventhough i don’t have plans yet. So that brings me to my birthday wishlist. Yeah i have wishes for my birthday…lots of them yunno *lol they are few*. So without much ranting lets get to the post.

My Birthday Wishlist

  • A new phone- Yeah I need a new phone like right now. Ever since my old phone got spoilt in school I have been using my mum’s old tablet. It keeps on crashing and hanging besides the camera is not helping me either. I know the phone has tried that’s why a new one is needed in my life.
  • A camera- This is something i also wantπŸ˜₯….I love taking aesthetic pictures. I want to go into this thing called photography. I want to take more pictures for blog sake! Like a lifestyle photographer and the only thing that can help me achieve this is a camera.
  • Props- This is also on my wishlist. Have you guys seen nice aesthetic photos with nice background, flowers, items and all? I mean it’s so cool when you see a flatlay for example then something catches your attention- like flowers popping by the side, a vintage accesory etc. I need more props and backgrounds for my photos.
  • Cash/money- This should have been first on my wishlist…but seriously who doesn’t need some money. Me i need it…I need money to do a lot of things. Just imagine someone gifting me with a bag of money of my birthday lol. This definitely made it to my wishlist.
  • Books- I need books in my lifeeee…handy ones not ebooks πŸ˜’. Lol i have been reading novels but they are mostly ebooks. Most of the books i like to read i won’t see them to buy. I won’t see it in bookshops too. *maybe the books are running away from me* So i just go ahead to download them online. And i don’t have the money yet to buy them on amazon. That’s when they will call a book $25. But now I think I am tired of ebooks. God should just bless someone to gift me a book that I will like on my birthday.
  • PS- if you know any interesting novel, please do recommend.

That’s all for my birthday wishlist. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Love y’all

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