Get to know me||Q & A

Good day people…today i decided to do a get to know me Q & A so that my readers can know more about me and other random things. It’s a good day!! Go grab a snack and drink, plop into your chair and read this post. Enjoy.

1. Full name
Damilola Oderinde Yvonne

2. Zodiac sign
PS: my birthday is in few days

3. Fears
Dark, Losing loved ones, Not fulfiling purpose

4. 3 things I love
Movies, going out, anything chocolate

5. My best friend
I don’t think i have a best friend, instead few close friends I relate with

6. Last song i listened to

Bobo – Mayorkun ft Davido

7. Turn ons

Good personality, free spirited, caring nature, open minded

8. Turn offs

Pretence, gossips, bad manners

9. The reason i started blogging

I have once had a blog when i was in highschool but i didn’t manage it well and i did not really know what blogging meant then. I just liked the fact that i had a personal space on the internet and that was all. Early this year i decided to start blogging again because i wanted it to be a part of me and also be more intentional about it.

PS- There’s much more to this…I’ll probably write a post on it specifically

10. How I feel right now

I feel great

11. Something I really really want

To accomplish all my goals and fulfill my dreams

12. My current relationship status

Single and lovin’ it

13. My favorite song

Currently I can’t choose because I have lots of song I am loving at the moment

15. Things that make me happy

▪Photography; taking pictures of products, nature and things around me just make me happy

▪Getting inspired makes me happy cause ideas just keep popping up in my head and I get really motivated

▪Surrounded with people I love also makes me happy…I like to be in company of family, friends and all…. Life is too short to be a loner😁

16. What I find attractive in other people

Sense of humor and personality

17. Someone I miss

My late Dad❤

18. Someone I love


19. My favorite holiday

Christmas/New year season…it brings a whole new vibe

20. Someone famous I’m crushing on

Jace Norman😍

21. A confession

I get irritated easily…

I don’t know if that’s a confession though

22. 3 things that annoy me easily

Loud chewing…it’s so annoying, interfering into my private life or personal space, dirt

23. An embarrassing moment

Lol..a lot of them

24. Something that’s constantly on my mind


25. 3 habits I have

▪Washing my face immediately I wake up in the morning

▪Most times I can’t go out without laying my edges first

▪Washing my hands regularly

26. Something I fantasise about

My future

27. My favorite food

Semo with Eidikaikong

28. One word that describes me


29. Something I’m talented at

Can’t say but I’m creative with my hands

30. What I do for fun

Going out

That’s all for the get to know me q & a…i hope it was an interesting one. You probably know a few things about me now. If you will like to see more posts like this about me let me know in the comments. Like a random fact about me or something.

Thanks for reading. I love you all…

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Twitter @thegirlbosslifestyle



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