Rebranding my blog

Hello everyone! Happy new month and welcome to the best month because it’s officially my birth month. So you guys must have noticed my inconsistency.

Like seriously I was in writer’s block for so long and i was totally missing in action. To make matters really worse my blogging tool which is my phone got spoilt. I was basically without a reasonable phone for close to a month. It was a small phone I was using to make calls. I was off social media, blogging and all and it really made me feel sad. I was in school then when the phone spoilt, if I was home then I would have seen a phone to use because there is this particular tablet at home that no one uses which I’m currently using. I just couldn’t wait to get back home then. Well that’s past tense…just letting you you guys know what has been up with me.

When I finally got back into blogging it felt like I just restarted my blog again, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Since I needed to be consistence I started posting again. But they were just filler posts for me. It felt like I was just blogging for blog sake. It was then I realized that I needed to sit back and really think of why I started blogging. The past few weeks has been really rejuvenating for me. I started researching on various aspects of blogging. I visited fellow teenage blogs from other countries and I saw the good work they do. I was really refreshed. I started thinking of various changes I can make on my blog to make it better from the web address to the theme to what my blog really focuses on. And also various ways to post quality content.

I am rebranding my blog because I have made some changes to it from the web address to the niche to what my blog is all about and so on. I discovered myself these past weeks and I just can’t wait to forge ahead with this new discovery. If you are new to my blog or you are a fervent reader I will like to make an introduction of my blog.

Welcome to my blog if you are new here and welcome back to my blog if you’ve been here before. My blog “The Girlboss Lifestyle” is a personal style and lifestyle blog inspiring you to live your best life. It cuts across beauty, fashion and faith. It also features my everyday lifestyle, experience, outings, routines, school life and all. The categories on my blog includes

1. Lifestyle: As I have said earlier, this will be featuring my everyday life, things I do, style and all.

2. Beauty: This ranges from skincare to makeup and everything beauty. I will be posting beauty tips, makeup tutorials, skincare routines and all.

3. Fashion: This will include styles, bespoke outfits, tips and tricks, trends to keep up with and everything fashion.

4. Faith: I will take you on a journey into my Christian life. Living the right way as a Christian, deep insights on God’s word, devotions and how to keep up with God without derailing.

5. Events: This will be featuring events I attend either parties, festivals, dinners etc.

6. Damie writes: I get inspired and I write often. This category will be featuring things I write.

7. Be inspired: We all like to get motivated and inspired either through quotes, short articles or even pictures. That is what this category is all about.

8. Blogging: This category is all about my blogging life, pattern and anything that has to do with a blog.

That’s all for the categories. Moving on next to how many times I will post per week. Well that’s indefinite right now because I am still trying to figure out which time will be perfect for me. I was thinking of posting Saturdays and Sundays but then I am like what of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It will really be good if I focus more on my blog this summer break. So let’s see how it goes.

I have officially rebranded my blog “The Girlboss Lifestyle” . Cheers to a better start and an awesome blog. It’s a wrap now.
What are thoughts on this post? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comment section. I am open to advice, suggestions and collaborations.


Instagram: @damie.xx

Twitter: @thegirlbosslifestyle


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