Monthly Favourites – July

Hey guys!!
So since i got back from school july 1st my mum and sis have been bombarding me with a whole lot of chop chop. They are always like “eat this, eat that, don’t dull yourself” or “you are home now so you need to start eating to add more” and i am like ‘Egbami’ you guys should just chill…Enough of the story, those things will be featured in this month favorites.

  1. Newyorkers

Gosh…this biscuit is heavenly. My sister overhyped this biscuit like crazy. After all her hyping i finally tasted it… it actually worth the hype. I like the fact that it is a chocolate chip cookie.

2. Grandino cookies

Cheers to another chocolate chip cookies. I love this biscuit so much. I feel like my house is filled with chocolate chips…i can’t deal.

3. Mcvities dark chocolate biscuit

*Let’s give this biscuit a standing ovation* This biscuit is so nice…the chocolate feeling and allπŸ‘ŒThis is actually my fav and the cheapest *i cannot comman kill my self* If mum and sis are buying those ones at least i can afford this one for myself.

*Gather for a group picture*😁😁

4. Bigi

I dunno why everyone in my house has been taking this lately…and i think i like it too…lol

5. Maryland biscuit

This biscuit has been serving me since 1960…i have been eating it anyhow lately so it got featured.

6. Music box player

Been loving this since the very first day i saw it and now i have mine…jamming anyhow upandan. Its a mini speaker that plays music. It can be connected through bluetooth, USB or micro Sd card, it also comes with FM radio.

7. Myself

I dunno why o but i have been crushing on myself lately. God bless my handwork…the looks, the way i act, my closeness with God be giving me chills. Things i don’t expect i can do…i’m actually doing it. Oh gees…never settle for less there is more found in God.

So that’s all for my monthly favorites…how did the month of july go for you? Hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments..

Love damie.xx


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