I finally did my matriculation

After so many months of waiting i finally did my matriculation. It was surpose to take place months ago but due to some reasons it was postponed. I hereby present the full gist of my matriculation….

A day before…

The day before my matriculation was a bit stressful. I went shopping with a friend of mine. She wasn’t prepared for the event at all so i had to follow her to get a dress…last minute shopping isn’t the best. I had my things prepared already….my dress, shoe, jewellry, bag. Later that evening i had my nails done in burgundy and silver.

Matriculation day…

The main day finally came…

Matric was in the air. Everyone got up early to do their makeup and every other thing. I did my makeup myself…a bit different from my usual makeup but simple. Matriculating students were meant to be in the auditorium by 10.00am but i actually got there 11.00am. **african time issh** There was no time to even take selfies…

I wore a simple peach gown with multicoloured pleats by the side. I paired it with a silver ankle strap heel and a channel suede clutch. I wore a beaded gold neckpiece…everything worked out perfectly.

While in the hall we took an oath of allegiance, various speakers spoke to us, the vice chancellor, the provosts, deans, lecturers and parents were all present. It was quite interesting. Everyone was looking peng😍😍 and gorgeous.

Coming out of the hall…students were all over the place. We took pictures, we danced and celebrated.

It was a fun filled event…

The aftermath

After everthing i was forced to go to my hostel because my legs were already aching and my makeup wasn’t in a good state again **the sun did justice to my face**. I ate and drank again…

I later came out again to take pictures wth some special set of people. I was actually happy throughtout the day.

Different events were taking place outside school that night, freshers nite and stuffs but i decided to stay in my room and enjoy that night. It was all good.

That was how i did my matric few days to the end of 100 level…how sweet…😁😁…

In other news exam is starting in few days time. So excited, i can’t wait to finish this semester.

How are you all doing? Comment below

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