Comfy saturday look

Hello!!! Anyone there….i know i have been away for so long. This post is just a filler for today.

Today was kinda okay, I took a whole lot of pictures. I went to visit my aunt so i was not planning to dress too elaborate. I just wanted a casual chic look. Well i will say i did justice to that from hair to makeup to the outfit. You guys will do the judging.

I did a nude makeup

I took some of the braided ends of my hair and wrapped it in a updo instead of using a rubber to pack it

To the outfit…

I decided to wear a black net top with a pair of deep blue jeans…

I tucked the top in to give it that chic look…putting on a pair of sandals

My outfit is never complete without a wristwatch…

It is also advisable to use a belt whenever you wear a top tucked into your trouser. Eventhough the jeans is fitted or not just use a belt…as my mum would say

I am feeing like a model….i wanna be a model for real

What do you guys think?

That is all about my saturday comfy look. Rate or hate? What do you guys think?


One thought on “Comfy saturday look

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