My march gallery

Hey lovelies!!! An idea popped into my head recently…the idea was for me to start a monthly gallery. Let me explain better…henceforth(I hope I don’t change my mind) I will be posting a monthly gallery of pictures. Those pictures are obviously pictures of me or anyone capturing several moments that happened in that month…I guess it’s much more understood now. So that’s it…you guys will get to see pictures of me monthly…some are basically selfies, some may look awkward or goofy. Enjoy them tho….

March 2nd…when I just got back from school…looking like what I can’t even explain…

Y’all will see a difference between the picture above and subsequent ones…

A quick selfie before heading out…

Y’all see the difference… Evidence of good home food…

Another day…when I’m bored with nothing to do…I just take selfies…who can relate…

That straight face look tho….

After the whole boredom…I decided to dance…

PS…Just few pictures of some days of the month are posted…because I don’t take pictures every single day

Good Friday ❀❀

Alas…Did you enjoy my picture gallery? Or they look somehow?

I just wanted to create something different… Let me know your thoughts in the comments..

Till my next post…

Next post will be a get to know me post…




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