My rough times of 2017 and new moments of 2018

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Just felt like sharing something today. I wanted to share this since but I always procrastinate about it.

It’s all about my rough times of 2017 and new moments that came with 2018…

My 2017 started well and good the way a new year would start. Having your family members around..your dad, mum and siblings all with you. My rough times started October last year. Before then I was extremely happy…the joy that comes when you just finished high school and you are about to enter the university…graduating as the best outstanding student…leaving school feeling fulfilled.. I was so happy.
Life went well..I started planning to enter the university…writing post utme into university of Lagos. I wrote well and passed. I was waiting for the admission list while having a good time. I planned very well for so many things. That moment was good.
Everything turned elsewhere when I heard the news of my dad passing away. I can’t forget that moment. Someone I spoke to the night before….he told me he was very fine and okay. Tears couldn’t come because I was lost and shocked. My sister was already in tears and I was like….my dad is gone. The next minute I started crying and wailing.
I can’t even explain how I felt that time…I was heartbroken… Always sad…Throughout the year I was always sad, moody, not smiling….Enough of those times…


Fast forward to 2018….New year, new plans, new mindset…Due to the whole incident I resumed school late. I started school at a private university. Going to another state, meeting different caliber of people..was kind of hard at a moment but with time I was fine and okay. Not forgetting the wonderful moments that came with 2018. Starting uni…and all the moments that comes with it.
So basically, that’s a summary of my rough times of 2017 and my moments starting 2018. There are much more to say…but its a wrap now.

Till my next post..



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